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What the Big Boys Do: Ride The Voodoo Wave
Two years in the making, Mark’s examination of the world’s most dangerous wave is in international release.  Take a peek inside the force of nature surfers call The Voodoo Wave.  You’ll find yourself wanting to learn more.

The Maverick’s surf point, north of Half Moon Bay, California, has long been a near-mythical place to catch a wave.  From the time in 1975 that a pioneer named Jeff Clark ventured the long half-mile paddle-ride out to the point and first stood up before the mammoth walls of water there, the point has challenged surfers, denied them, terrified them and exhilarated them. In two infamous cases, it even killed them.

Still, surfers return to Maverick’s winter after winter to take on the big-wave equivalent of Mount Everest.  They risk everything for the thrill – and the spiritual connection – of riding a liquid pulse of energy that can rise to 50 or 60 feet in height.  In so doing, they commune in one of the world’s most exclusive fraternities, one in which competition and brotherhood exist side by side … and where the injection of money into the equation can be both thrilling and ruinous.

The Voodoo Wave is Mark’s examination of the intersection of art and commerce in the water, as the surfers struggle to define themselves as outsiders while accepting prize money and corporate sponsorship for surfing Maverick’s on “Contest Day,” the near-annual event that has come to be known as the Super Bowl of big-wave surfing.  Along the way, readers get to know Clark, the godfather of the surf point, his spirited and eccentric companions, and the entrepreneur whose money-making mission sets him on a collision course with the big-wave riders themselves.

Now available at bookstores worldwide!  Grab your copy of The Voodoo Wave and support your local independent book dealer, or buy it online at Amazon or Norton Publishing to choose your method of delivery.

The Voodoo Wave.  It’s as chilling as the name suggests.

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